Brief Introduction of State Key Laboratory of Molecular Oncology

  The State Key Laboratory of Molecular Oncology was established on November 1988 and is located at the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Cancer Institute. Currently,there are 50 research staffs including 21 senior investigators in the Key laboratory. Dr. Qimin Zhan is the Director of the Key laboratory and Dr. Shujun Cheng is the Chairman of Scientific Advisory Committee.
  The mainstream research of the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Oncology has been focused on several important issues: (1). To investigate the impact of genetic factors on tumorigenesis and explore the interactions between genetic factors and environmental stimuli. (2). To determine the roles of cell cycle control, apoptosis and related cell signalings in the maintenance of genomic fidelity, and seek for the molecular mechanism(s) by which genomic instability contributes to cell transformation and carcinogenesis. (3). To carry out studies on genetic/molecular epidemiology, cytogenetics and molecular genetics in the high incidence areas for esophageal or liver cancers, and to identify biomarkers and gene/protein profiles for cancer early diagnosis, caner therapy and prognosis. (4). To develop novel and specific cancer therapies, including both viral vector- or non-viral vector-mediated approaches.
  The State Key Laboratory of Molecular Oncology consists of multiple research groups, including the Section of Molecular Carcinogenesis, the Section of Cancer Genetics, the Section of Cancer Biomarkers, the Section of Immuno-prevention and Immuno-therapy, the Section of Cancer Biotherapy and the Section of Cancer Bioimformatics. At the present time, the Key lab is well funded by a variety of funding, such as the National Fundamental Research Programs of China (973), the Chinese High-Tech R&D Program Grant (863), the Program Research Grants from the National Natural Science Foundation and the Chinese National 11th-5-year Medical Strategic Science and Technology Plan. Currently, the State Key Lab of Molecular Oncology is running a strong graduate program. Since 1988, more than 300 graduate students and 25 postdoctoral fellows have been well trained in this laboratory. Within the past five years, more than hundreds of peer-reviewed research papers have been published and some of which are in prestigious journals in the field of biomedical sciences and cancer biology. In addition, 10 patents have been approved by both the national and international patent agencies.
  There are much international collaboration between the State Key Laboratory of Molecular Oncology and some world-leading medical institutions, including National Cancer Institute of NIH, University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine Cancer Institute, Emory Medical School and M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in the United States, the British ICRF and the World Health Organization.

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